Five Most Common Problems With Washing Machines

Kung Fu Maintenance goes through the five most common problems with washing machines.

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One ~ 0:22 Washing machine does not spin ~ caused by broken lid switch.

Two ~ 1:05 Agitator not agitating ~ caused by broken agitator dogs.

Three ~ 1:50 Clogged drain line ~ caused by penny or item down drain.

Four ~ 2:01 Water leak ~ many different causes, loose hose, cracked pump, etc..

Five ~ 2:09 Washer wobbling ~ most often cause is items out of balance.

00:14 Ok today I wanted to go over the five most common problems with washing

00:18 machines with you

00:19 the number one

00:20 most often problem with washing

00:22 machines is a washing machine that doesn't

drain or spin

00:26 most often caused by a broken lid switch

00:29 you should hear a click

00:31 as this goes into place

00:34 If you don't hear that click then your

00:37 or if your washing machine is not going into its final cycles

00:41 it's most often this lid switch here

00:45 sometimes you can just press on this right side

00:48 and get it to engage the switch also occasionally you can just adjust the post a little bit


uh... so that the post will stick further

into the switch which will engage the switch also

00:57 sometimes you can just adjust the switch or tighten it up

01:01 often it needs to be replaced I have a video on that

01:05 second most often problem with

01:08 washing machines often goes undetected

01:10 something you'd probably want to check regularly is that your agitator

01:14 dogs are working properly

01:16 what it should do is turn the bottom one-way or the other so

01:21 this one is turning it like it should

01:23 and the aggitator dogs are functioning now if it's

not doing that than your clothes are just getting rinsed

01:28 they are not really getting washed

01:29 it is an often missed

01:32 problem with washing machines

01:33 and its probably very common because the agitator dogs inside here are

01:38 designed to break if someone's arm was to get stuck in here or if something

01:43 was to bind up too much the agitator dogs will actually strip on purpose as a safety mechanism


third most common problem with washing

machines is

01:53 a clogged pump

01:55 at the impeller


sometimes a penny or a button or


something else, a bobby pin

02:01 whatever goes down the drain line and gets stuck at the pump. Fourth most common

02:05 problem

02:06 is a leak. Most often leaks occur

02:09 up on the left side. Fifth most common problem is a washing machine out of

02:13 balance. Now the most often cause of the machine being out of balance

02:18 is just a matter of redistributing the clothes. Usually a towel or

02:22 something gets on one side and you hear the whump whump whump whump of

02:25 the machine

02:26 what you need to do is open the lid

02:28 and than go ahead and readjust the clothing or go ahead and readjust the towel

02:32 uh... readjust the items in the bin to get a more balanced

02:36 and then go ahead and run it again see if it

02:38 works out and you have no more

02:40 out of balance deal sometimes you could lose a spring most often times it's just that the

02:46 machines out of balance

02:47 eventually I'll have to make you a video showing you how to reset the spring

if it did come off

02:51 there is three different shocks and then

there is a spring

02:54 that holds the machine basin in place

02:57 now the way to check if your machine is still in balance is just ahead and run it

03:01 empty with water

03:02 let the water fill up

03:04 if the machine finds its balance than you know it was just a matter of the clothes

03:08 or the laundry items

03:09 being out of balance

03:12 anyway that is the five most common problems with washing machines

~ TFW ~..~ KFM ~


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